Summer Glow!

Oct 14 , 2018

Summer Glow!

Summer time is a "stick" season which means lighter consistency products to avoid clogging or congestion . This doesn't mean stop hydration or skip the moisturizer but use "oil free" or "water base" products such as, water base serums, water base creams. This also means we can up the scrubs to few times a week or add retinols for cell turn over! OF COURSE use SPF daily!

Copper Complex Peptide: A highly concentrated hyaluronic Acid serum attracts and maintains skin hydration with high and low molecular weight proteins which permeate the skin and address aging where it begins. Copper Complex Peptide offers intensive hydration as it penetrates the upper layer of the epidermis, absorbing water that evaporates from the deep dermis. This hygroscopic property allows for the volume of the spheres to increase rapidly. upon inflation these spheres tighten the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and leaving an elastic skin surface with long lasting hydration. Hyaluronic Acid helps to replenish the moisture content of aging and environmentally damaged skin, restoring a youthful radiance. Copper y3, a protein -complexed mineral, provides smoothing, moisturizing and cell-renewing benefit. Copper is key to the absorption and utilization of iron, it helps form elastin in the skin as well as promoting keratinization.

Retinol Radiance: is an advance blend of retinol, AHA and sea algae that addresses skin texture so it appears more youthful. Vitamin A encourages cellular turnover and skin renewal, making this serum ideal for those concerned about accelerated signs of aging. This serum nourishes and clarifies while offering transformative benefits that improve the look and feel of devitalized skin.

Tips: The Copper Complex Peptide can be used every day before moisturizer.

The Retinol Radiance, I would highly suggest staring few times a week to build tolerance, if need be you can build up!



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