Teni's PM Skin Routine!

Oct 14 , 2018

Teni's PM Skin Routine!

I like to change up my night and day time skin care routine. This allows me to target different concerns i may have about my skin. During the day we deal with sun exposure and heat so I'd like to target more on hydration and protections. In the evening time since we are mostly indoors and no sun exposure, I like to do my "repairing" treatments such as, Retinols, Vitamin C, Stem cells, Brightening products, Acne treatments, Scrubs etc...Using these kind of products during the day can be a bit risky due to the sun rays and heat factor.

Copper Complex Peptide Revive Brightening Polish Bright N Lift Eye


Over exfoliation can cause more heat, irritation as well as sensitivity. Depending on your skin type, I would highly suggest to keep the exfoliation to few times a week!




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