Acne Skin Care 101!

Oct 14 , 2018

Acne Skin Care 101!

Simplify your skin care routine. In this video, I put Teni Panosian in a very simple routine. Her skin was very dry, dehydrated and strip from all the acids and treatments she had used on her skin! Always remember simpler the better. Too many acids or acne treatments can actually cause more harm than good!


Remember, your skin care routine can NOT be the same all year around!

Weather changes, so should your skin care routine!

Teni, has dry acneic skin. Dry skin is a bit tricky to work with because its sensitive, flaky and reactive. With Teni, I decided to try a different approach. I explained to her how all these years she's tried many different acne products and she's still breaking out and not where she wants to be with her skin, Lets try a different approach.

What I decide to do with Teni's skin is to start from scratch! clean slate if you will. We went back to the basics. Here are the following products I put her on to bring her hydration back and calm her skin down.


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