Hey everyone 
I wanted to start off by thank you guys so much for being such amazing clients and friends. This conversation is never easy to have, after all, no one wants to hear about products or services costing more. 
Over the last year or so I have experienced ever-increasing operational costs. Whether it be from packaging and shipping supplies, the cost of business has gone up. One of the most critical pieces of this is increased costs to the product manufacturing. Because I utilize these materials and services with all these increases, I am forced to raise my prices to ensure the same level of high quality. I refuse to sacrifice quality for the sake of cost. 
In addition to that my schedule is always fully booked for 6-month, it is very difficult managing the businesses on my own without more help to maintain and balance my schedule, this will allow me to maintain the focus of service quality. 
I try to keep my prices reasonable and ensure that I stay as close to fair market value as possible. Most of my competitors are extremely high in price and do about half the service with very little result. I do my very best to customize the treatment for each and every one using the highest quality products to insure I meet your skin care needs and give the best results as possible but in order to do so weather that maybe online or office customers.
Finally, one of my big goals for this year was to expand my exposure in order to help people around the globe better understand skin care. Guidance to Glow is my passion and what better platform to use than YouTube to provide  guidance to people on the internet. This effort takes considerable resources, but it is part of my core value.
Regarding my office price changes. This will not be effective until COVID 19 is blown over and we all get back to work. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to me directly.
Thank you for your understand 
With love Fenya 

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