Facial Massage Instrument 
This device gently vibrates and massages the outer layer of the skin to create more stimulation and rejuvenation to the skin! The Omni can be used on its own or with the following serum to increase product activity and deeper penetration.
Copper Complex Peptide, Phyto Calming Serum, Ultimate Growth Factor,
Ageless Mask Pure hydration mask.
You can also use any hydrating sheet masks with the device!

Omni has two lights options to target your concerns and needs!

Red light- help heal the skin and stimulate collage, elastin, firmness and product penetration.
Blue light - Great for soothing, cooling, acne prone and anti bacterial.

OMNI Face Device


Initial use, please test a small area to insure no reaction or sensitivity to device. Wait for 24hrs to check for any reactions. IF any reactions occur please stop using the device!!

1. After cleansing the skin apply the following serums listed on the description.

2. Turn on The Omni by pressing and holding the "on " button for 2sec. You will feel a quick vibration and see the red light turn on. If you would like to keep the red light as your desired light, continue, if not, push the on button again for the blue light to come on! IF you would like "no light" push the "on" button again to turn off all lights with active vibration!

3. Hold the device on to the face and gentle move the device around in circular movement to stimulate the skin! 

4. This device should be used 2x a week for 30sec - 2min mins full face! 

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