Jun 08 , 2020

About Guidance To Glow

Guiding you to healthier, glowing skin

My name is Fenya Abramian and I am the founder of Guidance to Glow. Licensed by the California Board of Cosmetology as an Aesthetician, I have been in this industry for well over 10 years, while working with the best dermatologies and plastic surgeons within those years.


I strive to keep myself educated and well informed in the latest technologies, as well as up and coming products to ensure I can pass that knowledge onto my clients. My primary goal is to educate you on your skin. Every skin type is different and cannot be treated the same. My secondary goal is to make sure you understand why and how the products and regimen I recommend for you will help you attain the skin you desire.


Over the last decade I have treated many clients and what I realized is many of my clients do not know where to begin when it comes to skin care. Most of my initial consultations have become product and regimen knowledge. It has occurred to me that most clients have been misguided or are confused as to which product would be best suited for their skin. This website will allow me to educate and guide you to the next step for your skin, whatever that next step may be. I'm here to guide and educate you in the right direction!


I have launched this website as a means to reach out to people who desire more information, education or guidance in their skincare regimen.  We can exchange emails to discuss your product, skin concerns or any questions you may have.


The slightest change in products or ingredients can make the biggest difference in your skin. I am here to show you ways with advanced techniques to help achieve the healthier skin you desire. Whether it may be acne, pigmentation, scarring, dehydration, dryness, oily skin, anti-aging or simply just maintenance, I am here to guide you to a healthier, glowing skin!